An Explosion of Colour - Tile Trends

The Tile Depot has some exciting new lines of colourful tiles that have just landed with more on the way.

Tile Depot Brown Bathroom

The Tile Depot has some exciting new lines of colourful tiles that have just landed with more on the way.
Primarily the popularity of tile designs inspired by nature, such as stone and woodgrain porcelain replicas. Timeless and classic designs that are safe, luxurious and appeal to the majority of New Zealand home owners who prefer neutral colours and gentle designs. Those seeking to make a statement have tended to experiment with textures and geometric forms whilst maintaining an organic and neutral colour palette. Any pops of bold colour have been in the form of feature walls and easily replaceable items like art and soft furnishings. However, we may be about to turn our safe little neutral design bubbles on their heads with an explosion of colour unlike any we’ve seen in a very long time.

We’re not just talking about the increasing popularity of deep blue and green hues and the insatiable love of rosy blush that has many designers still so inspired. We are talking about a sudden and prolific abundance of all manners of deep, bold and glossy colours, from deep earthy reds, to bright rusty oranges, a plethora of greens and blues, turquoise and pink. Not quiet, gentle shades, but loud proud and bold colours that will turn heads and really make a statement. Deep at the heart of these bold colours is a nod to their organic origins with many of these shades able to be found in natural landscapes such as the warm shades found in deserts and volcanic areas to the cooler colours found in mountains and oceans.

The love of natural and neutral tones and designs is expected to continue on our floors with these dynamic and exciting colours seen increasingly on our walls. These bold colours will be combined with interesting surface treatments, strong geometric forms and creative installation patterns. From domestic bathrooms, to kitchens, and laundries, we are expecting to see a whole lot more colour as people increasingly seek to express their individuality in their homes. No longer content to blend in with the crowd and stick to safe and timeless trends, home owners are becoming increasingly emboldened to embrace their favourite colours and create eclectic spaces full of character. For many years we have found the regions have been more open to the use of bold colours than the residents of the main urban centres, now we are looking forward to a wider base of creative colour use throughout New Zealand. We can’t wait.

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