All You Need To Know About Stone Flooring

We give the low-down on stone flooring in all its forms!

stone flooring in bathroom

Stone flooring has been a popular choice in properties for many years, but its cost means that homeowners often believe they’re unable to consider it. Indeed it may not be the cheapest type of flooring available, but it is hard to beat in terms of variety, aesthetics and durability. 
With a little research, some shopping about and the consideration of using reclaimed materials for your flooring, stone floors can be installed at a reasonable cost. But what else do you need to know about age-old material when using it in your home? Let’s cover off the basics.

What are the positives of having Stone Flooring in the home?

Stone flooring has many benefits, not least because it provides such a beautiful, natural striking look to your rooms! But the following can be considered other positives to having this flooring material in your home:
- Durability – stone flooring is hard wearing and lasts a long time. You’d need to have something very large and heavy drop onto it to chip or damage it at all
- Low maintenance – while stone flooring does require some cleaning, it is usually wipe clean and does not require regular maintenance
- Variety – how many different types of stone are there? Almost every one is suitable is flooring and you can find stone options in a huge variety of types, colours, patterns and styles
- Suitable for heating – stone flooring is often thought of as a little cold, and that can be the case in cooler weather or where the property has been left unused for a little while. However, stone flooring works brilliantly laid over underfloor heating and distributes the heat perfectly underfoot
- Keeps cool – in warmer weather, stone flooring stays naturally cool and can help avoid unnecessary overheating
- Ideal for allergy sufferers – the hard and non-porous surface of stone flooring allows for allergens to be cleaned away easily and not burrow into the floor; making it the perfect solution for those sensitive to dust or other airborne toxins.

What are the negatives of having Stone Flooring in the home?

As with any flooring type, stone flooring isn’t for anyone and it’s not perfect. The following can be considered the bug-bears most people experience with it:
- Surface hardness – stone is naturally a harder surface than most used for flooring, and unforgiving if you drop something onto it. It’s also not ideal if you have a toddler or pre-schooler who’s likely to take lots of tumbles
- Temperature – when not combined with underfloor heating, stone can quickly lose temperature and feel cold underfoot in autumn and winter
- Required sealants – some stone types are more porous than others and may require regular sealing. This should be researched into before a material choice is made.

A tumbled limestone floor in one of our completed projects in Surrey

Is there such a thing as ‘non-slip’ Stone Flooring?

Known as ‘tumbled’ stone, some stone types have riven or brushed textures that give them more grip than those completely flat and smooth, glossy finishes. Tumbled stone also gives a lovely rustic look that will flatter some interior designs more than more classical honed tiling.
Tumbled stone is growing in popularity amongst homeowners; likely in line with the increased demand for the use of natural materials and aesthetics in the home, which works just perfectly with this flooring.

What colours does Stone Flooring come in?

If you’ve seen a stone in a colour, you can probably buy a flooring tile in it!
Slate is the stone primarily chosen for its colour variety, which are available in a myriad of shades and patterns to suit all tastes – from rusty, autumnal browns to fresh greens. Riven slate offers up a multi-tonal look to create more interest aesthetically but also has another benefit: it hides dirt and marks a lot better, too.

Can Stone Flooring be laid in different patterns?

Dependent on the shape of the floor being tiled, the type of stone being used and the equipment on-hand to shape and cut the tiles, they can be laid in just about any pattern you’d like.
Herringbone is currently the most requested tile pattern and reflects the trend currently seen in timber flooring. It also helps open up smaller spaces and creates a feeling of depth in rooms that otherwise may present to be a little more insular.

I like the look of Stone Flooring but the type I want is too expensive. What are the alternatives?

Some types of stone can be quite expensive and this price tag may prove limiting for many. However, there is a clever alternative.
Man-made porcelain tiles are now made with realistic stone-effect designs on; some even with a sculpted surface texture and worn edges! These are considerably more cost-effective to buy than genuine stone tiling and offer an almost indistinguishable look. Porcelain has no requirement for sealing and too is a minimal maintenance flooring type.

Can Stone Flooring be created with pebbles or individual stones?

Stone flooring needn’t be just laid with tiles – individual stones can be laid, too.
The use of pebbles for flooring does tend to take longer and can be sealed with resin, but it’s much easier to use pre-made pebble mosaic sheets. These are made up on softly rounded stones specifically made to provide smooth and even flooring. Dependent on the materials used in these, they may not be suitable for use over underfloor heating; so ensure you check before installation exactly what’s included within. 

How much does Stone Flooring cost?

There’s no one-size-fits-all cost for stone flooring as it is entirely dependent on the size and scope of the job, the requirement for custom cut tiles or stones, and the materials used.
In order to receive a bespoke quotation for your room/s, give your Refresh Renovations local office a call and arrange for a free home visit: there’s no obligation to purchase. We’ll be able to discuss appropriate options and help advise you on costs. 

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