Bathroom Renovation ideas that will help keep your bathroom comfortable and accessible as you age

Ageing, and its associated implications, are a reality and should not be ignored, especially when considering your next bathroom renovation.

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Ageing, and its associated implications, are a reality and should not be ignored, especially when considering your next bathroom renovation.  As a society, we are tending to stay in our own home to an older age and therefore this is an important consideration.
There are simple things you can do that will ensure your bathroom and toilet will be suitable for your use as your mobility and agility diminish over time.  And before you panic that this means your bathroom is going to suddenly look ugly, be assured that this is no longer the case.
Possibly the simplest thing to consider is the height of your toilet.  Caroma offers a number of toilet suite options that are up to 40mm higher than a standard toilet pan.  It may not sound like a lot, but it can make a big difference to those with reduced mobility.  Caroma’s options include wall faced, close coupled and connector toilet suites options. For an explanation on the difference click here

You can choose an option that suits your budget and style requirements.

Another option to consider is the use of a Caroma Invisi II wall hung toilet suite such as Cube or Metro.  At the time of installation, a wall hung toilet pan can be set to your preferred height using the adjustable Caroma wall bracket that is hidden inside the wall.  This not only gives you a raised height pan, but a designer style appearance to your bathroom.  The added bonus is the ease of cleaning under and around the toilet – another key consideration as we age and find cleaning harder on the body.
Aside from the toilet, there are other considerations that can be designed into your bathroom project.  For example, give consideration to access into your shower and bath, use slide showers such as Dorf Bliss, which allows the shower head to be adjusted to various heights or used as a handshower should this become necessary for personal care later in life.  Other considerations are the height of vanity tops, storage, and power points, ensuring they are neither too high, too low or at an awkward angle.  Of course, the ability to add handrails to key areas over the bath and in the shower – even at a date in the future – should never be forgotten.
A less obvious consideration is your energy budget in the future.  If you are able to afford it now, put some time into thinking about options that will save on your power bill in the future when you have less income.  Mixers that save on energy costs are a simple and cost effective way of minimising this bill.  For example, the new Epic Coolstart Basin Mixer (available in October 2013) is set so that the mid-position of the lever only activates cold water.  To get warm or hot water the handle can be moved to the left only (read more here)
Another budget saver would be to consider installing a gas continuous water heater where this is an option geographically, such as Dux Endurance.  The continuous flow principle heats water as needed, only heating the water you use.  This form of water heating is growing in popularity as energy efficiency becomes more of a “hot” topic.
Gone are the days when future proofing your bathroom means making it unattractive.  As you explore this topic further you will discover that you can make smart decisions now that not only look fantastic in your home but will allow you to live comfortably in your home as you grow older.
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Caroma: Design for life

For more information about the range of Caroma baths, visit the Caroma website.

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