Converting your garage is an increasingly popular trend for homeowners looking to add value and space to their homes in a cost effective way. As homeowners are becoming more and more content at parking their cars on roads and in driveways, consumers are left asking themselves, what do I use my garage for? If it's turned into a store room or dumping ground, maybe it’s time to consider making better use of this valuable space. 

A garage conversion can be one of the quickest and most affordable home improvements to add floor space: a new office, home gym or playroom can often be completed in little more than a week.  Refresh Renovations has also completed work for people seeking additional living space with a garage converted into an out-house, granny annex, dining room or just an extra bedroom. 

It can be a more convenient way of getting a house that suits your family’s needs and you’ll save on fees for stamp duty, solicitors and other associated costs of moving home.

An initial assessment of the existing structure will help identify the extent of work required to create a comfortable living environment. Getting the right result will depend on the scale of the project. Refresh Renovations can help you identify ways to maximise the potential of your garage and establish a living space that flows naturally into your existing home. And through careful on-the-ground project management, ensure a smooth project and predictable budget without spiralling costs.

The benefits of converting your garage

Garage conversions are a great way to add value and space to your home in a cost effective way. Easier and less expensive than moving, one of the best things about converting your garage is that you get extra space in a relatively short time frame and provided the structure is in reasonable condition, this type of project should be more cost effective than adding an extension or carrying out a loft conversion.

How much does a garage conversion cost?

A standard garage conversion for living space should cost between £6,000 and £8,000. This of course depends on the materials used, the scale of the project, and the exact specifications of your chosen conversion. For example, if plumbing or significant electrical work is needed then there will be a sharp rise in the total cost. Garage conversions are viable options in comparison with a basic 3m by 4m house extension which could cost upwards of £20,000.

Ultimately, costs will be determined by the kind of space you’re creating and the quality of materials used for the optimum finish you desire. Expect to budget for a further £2,000-£3,000 for plumbing and electrical work in addition to whatever plus whatever furniture and fittings you require if you have visions of a kitchen, utility room, or bathroom in your new garage space.

Converting your single garage 

Converting your single garage is a  great way to add extra living space and value to your home. Whether you crave another bedroom, home gym, office or playroom for the children, a garage conversion can cater to all your needs, especially for homeowners who are outgrowing their home but don’t want to move.

Converting your double garage

A double garage can give you more flexibility, a bigger living space, knock through to make a kitchen extension or an impressive home cinema. If losing essential storage space because of a garage conversion is a concern, retaining a proportion of your double or larger garage for storage is an ideal solution for homeowners.

Converting your garage into a home office

With many of us continuing to work from home, our most popular garage conversion idea is for a new home office space. Whether it is for children to carry out homework or for you or another family member to have somewhere quiet and organised to work or hobby from, garage conversion home offices are a great idea. Usually located away from the main living area, they allow for a self-contained entrance for work-related visitors and are ideal for incorporating tea and coffee making facilities, a sink and even a toilet.

Converting your garage into a home gym

If you are struggling to get to the gym or looking for alternative ways to keep your workout motivation during the colder months, a home gym in a garage conversion is a great idea. Having a dedicated space will allow you to kit out the space with hard-wearing, slip-resistant flooring that may not be suited to other areas of your home. You could also consider adding an air conditioning unit or soundproofing.

Converting your garage into an extra bedroom

Give the teenagers their own space or create a light and airy guest bedroom with your garage conversion. You could break the long and narrow space up with a stud wall and include a WC, bathroom or shower room.

A garage converted into a home bar

Converting your garage into a home bar

Having a space of your own to enjoy a few drinks with friends and family is a goal of many homeowners. Creating a home bar from your garage conversion can be a fun project that will provide years of enjoyment and become a gathering place for all kinds of celebrations.

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