Renovation Consultant Douglas Flores brings a wealth of experience to home renovation project management. He thoroughly enjoys being a part of the economic growth of cities, and has had the opportunity to do so within a variety of roles and projects.

Property development, investment, construction and marketing are among his previous areas of expertise. For fourteen years he worked as the president, developer and executive sales director of his own construction firm where he financed over twenty projects. He has managed teams of sixty people and has transformed sections of land into new homes, shopping malls and office buildings. He also worked as a marketing manager for his own industrial and hotel supply company.

Douglas’ well-rounded background has allowed him to bring a wide set of skills and experiences to home renovation projects. He has strong industry and product knowledge and is an expert when it comes to managing teams. He always seeks out partners and suppliers who hold the same level of integrity and passion for excellence as he does, and this applies to his team of architects, builders and independent contractors also.

Douglas can take care of every stage of your renovation project; from providing designs and attaining permits, to managing large teams alongside tight renovation schedules. He can recommend quality materials for your property and will oversee your build so that it adheres to the best and most reliable building techniques.  


If you would like to discuss your renovation ideas with Douglas and his team, get in touch today!

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