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Loft extension

The Illawarra is home to a diverse array of home styles; stemming from the original miner’s cottages situated on generous-sized blocks to relatively new project homes in the ever-expanding geographical area.  The people of the Illawarra are proud to call this place home, and often have a great allegiance to the neighbourhood in which they live; rarely wanting to live elsewhere.  
It is not uncommon, however, that the beloved home is either too small to accommodate changing circumstances, or is ill-configured to adjust to the needs of the family.  Many homeowners in the Illawarra have weighed the options between extending or selling to increase the size of their home. Often, they decide to extend because it financially makes more sense, and/or the investment in extending means they get the home they need within a location they already love.  

What types of House Extensions can we do?

At Refresh Renovations Illawarra, we can undertake any type of extension project. This includes (but is not limited to):
- Kitchen extensions
- Bathroom extensions
- Ground-level extensions
- First-floor additions
- Second Story additions
- Basement conversions
- Garage conversions
- Loft conversions

...and anything else you can think of!

How much does it cost to Extend in the Illawarra?*

The cost of an extension project has many variables, with no two house-extensions being alike.  House extensions can vary between $70,000 for an ensuite extension, $150,000 for a living area to outdoor extension, $250,000 for a first-floor extension, to more, depending upon the size, constraints, and finishes and inclusions included.  

*Please note that these are rough guides only.  For a high-level indication of what your extension will cost you, the Refresh Process is designed to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.  

Will Refresh take care of any required council approval?

At Refresh Renovations, we take care of all your approval requirements, whether through a Development Application with your local council or through a Complying Development System.  Our process provides for timely and accurate advice about council requirements; and all necessary searches, professional assessments (e.g. surveying, engineering, geotechnical, fire consultancy); construction drawings; and even pre-lodgement meetings with council representatives to ensure the approval process is as stress-free as possible for the homeowner.  

What do you need to know about extending in the Illawarra?

The Illawarra region has wide-ranging regulations that are important to consider when thinking about extending.  It is not uncommon that, within close proximity to a neighbour, one homeowner would be permitted to extend, while another may have restrictions. The Illawarra region has considerations that impact the type of house extension a homeowner can consider, including flood zones, bush fire zones, riparian zones, mine subsidence, and even state-based lake and water management regulations.  
At Refresh Renovations, we understand the nature of your block and what you can and cannot achieve when extending your house.  

Can the Refresh Illawarra team do the project?

As a full design and build service, we offer the complete project management experience to carry out your project from end-to-end. We take care of everything, including:
- Initial concept designs and investigation about what can and can’t be achieved;
- Initial costings to help homeowners decide whether their dream is affordable before the costly exercise of the approval process
- Full end-to-end approval process; from working drawings, consultation with professionals, liaison with council or private certifiers, to the acquisition of construction certificates ready for build
- Full end-to-end construction service.  This service includes full project management to ensure the extension is built on time and on budget 
- All trades. Our preferred tradespeople are local and experienced to produce the quality of work we have come to expect. Our trades are always on-site when arranged and keep the sites clean, professional and, above all else, produce work to the highest standard.  When considering the quality of work produced, our philosophy is clear – “would we accept this in our own home?”
- All inclusions.  This is an important factor when considering Refresh Renovations above other construction services.  We carefully consider every aspect of the renovation. From finished flooring through to the toilet roll holder, our process ensures there’s nothing the homeowner needs to buy or do when we are done; except move in and enjoy their new space.  

Get started

To find out more about the costs and possibilities of your project, as well as how Refresh can make the extension process straightforward, get in touch with a Refresh Renovation Consultant for a free consultation.

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