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Tiles are a highly durable and attractive flooring option for Australian homes. We’ve compiled a list below of some of the most popular materials on the market.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles – each of different materials have their own benefits. So when it comes to choosing the right tiles for your home, consider the characteristics you require (outdoors, for example, tiles need to be non-slip) and the overall effect you want to achieve.

Across the different materials, a vast array of colours, patterns and shapes are available, making it easy to create a hardwearing and easy to clean floor that works in perfectly with your décor.

While we have included the starting prices* of the different tiles, the cost of installation needs to be taken into account and factored into your budget. Prices for installation can vary greatly, so talk to a Refresh Renovation specialist for an estimate.

How much do Ceramic tiles cost in Australia?


Ceramic tiles

Credit: The Tile Depot

The process of making ceramic tiles has hardly changed in hundreds of years. They are often confused with porcelain tiles but by comparison, they are a much softer and more porous material, but does not mean they are an Inferior product.

When used in the right situation ceramics tiles are very durable and low maintenance. Ceramic tiles come in a huge variety of designs, colours and sizes, it is always best to seek expert advice before embarking on the job.

Euphoric Latte Gloss 500x500 starting at $40.00m2 inc GST – Talk to your Refresh Renovations specialist to find out more about this option from Beaumont Tiles.

How much do Porcelain tiles cost in Australia?


Porcelain tiles

Credit: The Tile Depot

Porcelain tiles originate from China where they were highly favoured by royalty. They come in a myriad of colours and patterns and are extremely hardwearing and versatile. They are a type of ceramic tile but differ in that they are made from just one type of clay, usually Kaolin, which is very fine and white.

The main difference, however, is that porcelain tiles are fired at extremely high temperatures, which results in a very dense tile that is impervious to water and tolerates the cold well, making this material great to use outdoors especially in areas that are prone to frosts.

Porcelain is very easy to clean and maintain. It’s widely used commercially in heavy traffic areas, such as airports and shopping malls, so normal family use will pose no problem at all.

Porcelain tiles will remain beautiful for many years and come in finishes like matt, Satin, Semi-polished, Polished and Antislip.  

Alto Ash Sealed Polished Porcelain 600x600 starting at $58.00m2 inc GST

How much do wood look porcelain tiles cost in Australia?


wood look tiles

Credit: The Tile Depot

Wood look porcelain tiles capture the beauty of natural timber and when combined with the latest printing technology, durability and ease of maintenance of tiles.

Wood effect tiles can create an equally stylish look in a cost-effective way and offer more longevity than its genuine counterpart.

Wood look tiles add warmth to any home, are incredibly strong, durable and low on absorbency, meaning they really stand the test of time. Additionally, they require minimal maintenance, making them ideal for busy households and high foot traffic areas in your home.

You can also wave goodbye to cold feet as porcelain is much better than wood at retaining heat, lending itself well to use in conjunction with underfloor heating.

Wood grain tiles start from $92.15m2 inc GST – Talk to your Refresh Renovations specialist to find out more about this option from Beaumont Tiles.

How much do Encaustic porcelain tiles cost in Australia?  


Encaustic porcelain tiles

Credit: The Tile Depot

Encaustic tile are known by other names like Moroccan tiles, Spanish tiles, inlaid tiles and geometric tiles.

We often look to the past to inspire the designs of the present and future, there has been a massive resurgence in the popularity of the encaustic style tiles, large attributed to their innate and timeless beauty, energy and character.

Combine this with contemporary design and manufacturing processes and its not hard to see how these stunning tiles have had such a massive revival.

These old world designs meet with our contemporary era create a Wow factor for a Kitchen Splashback, entry tile, a wet room floor or where your imagine can take you.

Encaustic Tiles 200x200 start from $211.210m2 inc GST – Talk to your Refresh Renovations specialist to find out more about this option.

How much do stone effect porcelain tiles cost in Australia?


stone effect porcelain tiles

Credit: The Tile Depot

Stone Look porcelain tiles create a timeless look which echoes back to nature and mimics the beauty of the stone.

There are many stone look tiles from Carrara marble, Travertine and many more while the real thing can be beautiful its not always practical for the situation.

This timeless look added with the perks of strength, durability, and an irresistible price is a great option for your family home.

Available in many formats, finishes and sizes stone Look porcelain tiles add a timeless sophistication and warmth to any home.  One example is when used in a wet room you can create a luxurious bathroom.

Stone look tiles start from $74.20m2 – Talk to your Refresh Renovations specialist to find out more about this option from Beaumont Tiles.

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