At Refresh Renovations we are changing the way the world renovates and we want to show you how we are making a difference.

Meet our client Mary and her neighbor John.

Mary gets to experience her renovation the Refresh way. She meets with Refresh and discusses what she would like to do, in return Refresh shows her some similar projects to give her an indication of cost. They also discuss how Refresh can take care of getting her designs drawn up, getting consents approved, working with suppliers, keeping tradies on track and lastly finalise project costs and keep the project to timeline.

John however, has big plans and has engaged a designer who has drawn these up and has also talked to a builder or two for some free quotes. John's invested in his process and unplanned costs just keep popping up for him and it's not going to plan. He doesn't know what went wrong! It has just resulted in a stressful experience.

Want to see how it ends for both Mary and John? Watch here to find out more.

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