Mandy Foster - Hamilton Renovation Specialist
Lawrie Foster - Hamilton Renovation Specialist
Project description
Bathroom transformation
Jun 2021
Project duration
6 weeks
Actual cost
External delay with delivery
Interesting aspects
Walk-in shower, freestanding bath, and under-tile heating
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Strategic design and a monochromatic colour palette transformed this bathroom into a modern sanctuary. 

Before and After

Conceptualising the Renovation

Homeowners Pauline and Ray sought a modern upgrade for their small, outdated bathroom. Reaching out for expertise from Refresh Renovations, they were introduced to local Renovation Specialists Mandy and Lawrie Foster. 

The Fosters conceptualised a design that would transform the homeowners’ dreams into reality. To modernise the bathroom, they needed to create more space and suggested moving the toilet into another area of the house. With the toilet strategically relocated, there would be ample room to establish the modern sanctuary the homeowners longed for. 

The new design featured a walk-in shower, a freestanding bath, and a double vanity - all tied together with a monochromatic colour palette. 

Project Costing and Timeline

Utilising Refresh’s world-renowned process, the Fosters established cost-effective solutions that would meet the homeowners budget and desires. Once construction was complete, the cost of the renovation came to $30,000. 

As for the timeline, a delay with the shower glass delivery pushed the schedule out by an extra week. But through active project management, the Fosters were able to finish the renovation as close to the original timeline as possible. 

A Modern Sanctuary 

A spacious shower now stands on one side of the bathroom, with charcoal tiles cascading down the walls. Adding touches of luxury, the homeowners opted to install a mosaic soap recess (along with a matching one above the bath) and a Greens Twin Rail shower, which offers both overhead and handheld functionality. 

The sleek charcoal tiles continue throughout the bathroom, creating a sense of depth around the bath and floating vanity. Free-standing and 1.7m long, the Newtech Newark bath fits perfectly in the space. And while its smooth oval shape creates a contemporary look, it also offers the ideal place to soak away the day.

A modern floating vanity replaces the old double basin and does a great job of tying in with the bath through its similar shaping. And to warm up the room, new lighting above the vanity mirror and under-tile heating make excellent additions that will keep the bathroom comfortable year-round.

Final Thoughts

Strategically designed to feel spacious and relaxing, it’s easy to forget how the original space looked. This renovation has delivered beautiful results that fulfilled the homeowners’ ambition to modernise the bathroom.

Relocating the toilet was a fantastic decision to make way for a walk-in shower and a 1.7m long freestanding bath. Now featuring under-tile heating and contemporary fittings, the bathroom has indeed transformed into a modern sanctuary.

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