Guy Allenby - Illawarra Renovation Consultant
Project description
Kitchen and bathroom renovation
Nov 2020
Project duration
3 Months
Actual cost
Interesting aspects
Moveable island bench
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HAUS Co. Pty in Illawarra is an independent Franchisee of Refresh Renovations

Situated in Sydney’s industrial inner-west suburb, this apartment was ready to match the pace of its edgy surroundings.

Before and After

Getting in touch with Guy Allenby, their local Renovation Specialist, this homeowner reached out to discuss the potential development of their apartment on a strict budget. 

They were looking to spend no more than $60k. But with that amount decided, they also wanted to explore their possibilities. The bigger question being: how can this 1960s brick apartment be brought into the 21st century?

Creating the Concept 

Over the initial conversations, Guy and the homeowner worked out the key objectives for the project. Although the entire apartment had places for tweaking, it was the bathroom and kitchen which most needed an upgrade. They still stood proudly in their original builds that were highly resemblant of the 1960s.

The 60s, however, are not where Marrickville exists today. Nowadays, the suburb is a vibrant art scene with a chic edge about its industrial bones. This new-age gleam is exactly what needed targeting in the renovation - and as cost-effectively as possible. 

The Design Process

With a rough concept ready, Guy and his renovation team came together to design the perfect plan with a focus on the kitchen and bathroom.

Starting with the kitchen, it was a small room with little space to use. But, despite its size, the homeowner was ambitious to transform it into a spacious living environment. The key features they most wanted to create included more storage compartments, space for a kitchen table, and an overall open feeling atmosphere. 

Typically these features could be achieved by knocking down a wall or two. However, the homeowner’s budget wouldn’t allow for any wall removal. This restriction sent the team back to the drawing board where they considered all options and soon found the ultimate solution.

They needed to build a dynamic island bench. One that was moveable for versatility, had shelves for storage on one side, and open space that could seat two on the other. This custom design ended up being a superb addition to the plan and paired elegantly with the bold tiling that was installed throughout the kitchen and bathroom.

Though the homeowner’s main objective was to bring the apartment into the 21st century, they specifically wanted to keep these tiles within the age of the original apartment - but without being too retro. To make sure they nailed this aspect, Guy brought in a colour consultant who helped the homeowner choose dark sea green for the kitchen and soft aqua for the bathroom.

Constructing the Dream

The timeline for this apartment renovation spanned a tidy three months and no longer than that. During this program, the kitchen and bathroom underwent their full makeovers along with a much-needed revamp throughout the rest of the apartment. 

A large part of this reconstruction involved replacing all internal doors with solid core doors followed by a fresh repaint of all surfaces. These colour improvements made a spectacular difference in expanding the atmosphere of the apartment.

Also upgrading the functionality, all electricals were rewired with new power points installed where they would be most practical. Then, to really modernise the space, the light wood flooring was sanded down and polished for a refreshing but natural finish. 

Bright, spacious, and unique, you can say with confidence that this brick apartment is no longer stuck in the 1960s. Instead, it joins the pace of the modern world and with a hint of its original oomph.

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