Scott has enjoyed a long, successful career in the IT industry spanning 30 years. During this time, he has managed large teams in Australia, overseas and through partner organisations to develop, deliver and run business-critical applications and data platforms.

He has predominantly worked in large, global financial services organisations that demand precision and attention to detail. In his spare time, he has taken on several sizeable renovations and landscaping projects for his own residences, applying the same level of diligence and project precision as in corporate work.

Most recently he has been renovating for profit and whilst he is not afraid of the tools, he much prefers to be the project manager/business manager. He is the consummate master of spreadsheets and project plans. Nothing is ever left to chance!

Scott is the proud father of three sons, a stepfather to another three sons (yes, that’s six sons) and on any given weekend during winter he can be found alongside some sort of football field barracking for his sons who play either AFL or Rugby Union or Rugby League, sometimes in an official capacity as volunteer First Aid Officer. And if that isn’t enough football, when his beloved Sydney Swans are playing at home, he will be found in the members stand and will most assuredly be the loudest voice in the crowd. In summer….well, in summer Scott can be found amongst the Sydney Waterways fishing, towing kids on all sorts of paraphernalia or just cruising.

He loves waterfront restaurants with boat parking where his other loves – food and wine (within the limit) – can be indulged.

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