Carrying more than 27 years of experience in the construction industry, Grant has gathered an impressive amount of expertise, particularly in renovating residential homes. However, his love for designing and building has been apparent since childhood.

Starting as a qualified Quantity Surveyor in South Africa, Grant entered the industry working on commercial and residential projects. During these years, he found an absolute passion for construction, finding it very personal and extremely rewarding. He was highly dedicated and wanted to learn continuously - which he reaped the rewards from by moving quickly up the ladder.

By 1999, Grant had established his own construction company and developed a kitchen business in the years following. These business management skills teamed with his later experience as a project manager in New Zealand have given Grant exceptional specialist knowledge, time management ability, and a wicked eye for detail.

With that history, Grant joins Refresh as a Renovation Specialist. He’s incredibly motivated to deliver outstanding results and positively sees every project as an opportunity to make homeowners dreams happen.

“If you’re ready to explore your home ideas further, get in touch! I’ll happily assist you every step of the way” - Grant.

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